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A Collaborative Framework

for the Creation and Transformation

of Practical Knowledge

in Psychotherapy and Medicine

Welcome to the ReachingOut Framework, the academic practical foundation of Kelim Shluvim Therapy Centre and the ROTEM (ReachingOut Therapeutic Method) Center for Practical Professional Training.
This website is my creative work, an artifact which is accompanied by a critical review, and together they comprise my dissertation for the doctoral award. 
The main outcomes of the research related to epistemology, methodology and method for academic research focusing on practical knowledge, rendered the traditional chapter dissertation format inapplicable. This website and accompanying text provided a framework which enabled the chronological presentation of a doctoral journey and the outcomes it produced. Furthermore, I found that many aspects of the process and its outcomes could be illustrated efficiently to the reader through dynamic diagrams and this diagrammatic approach developed in light of my learning disabilities of ADHD and dysgraphia. The website format provided a location for the presentation of these diagrams. 
My doctoral journey was unusually long and challenging due to the nature of the knowledge produced, and the necessity for the academy to acknowledge it, which evolved into a major struggle. In Carl Sagan’s words “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”, and I make some extraordinary claims as to the feasibility of knowledge evolution in the academy. Therefore, another major concern for me was transparency. I required an approach which would expose the reader as much as possible, to the resources utilised for the process, the procedure itself, the outcomes it produced and the struggle which occurred while conducting the research and presenting it for examination. 
Another unusual aspect of my doctoral process was its collaborative nature. While the doctoral award is traditionally an individual one, the active participation of another researcher was essential for a process of tacit knowledge extraction. As a psychotherapist, it was evident to me that access to knowledge located in the subconscious realm requires the involvement of another practitioner. Therefore, for seven years I researched in collaboration with my psychotherapy practice partner Anat Ben Salmon and for another five years, I researched with both Anat and Dr Anna-Cristal Lilov. The academic necessity for collaboration which challenged the traditional doctoral standards also evolved into a major issue which impeded and prolonged the process. Regardless of these issues which are yet to be resolved, the main outcomes of the research process were the conceptualisation of a procedure for the extraction of tacit knowledge of an experienced practitioner in psychotherapy, through dialogue with a trainee practitioner, and a suggestion for a new epistemology, methodology and method for academic research producing practical knowledge. The following diagrams illustrate the twelve-year doctoral process, and the cyclic methodology it produced.

                                                                                                                          Ofer Erez  2019

Illustration of the collaborative dialogic process which I conducted with Anat from 2007 - 2016, producing a framework of practical knowledge in psychotherapy, which comprises the foundation of our three training courses. This stage also led to the conceptualisation of a model for the extraction of tacit practical knowledge of an experienced practitioner. 👇🏽 (16).gif
Ofer and Anat's ReachingOut Apprenticesh

Illustration of the dialogic (Trialogue ☝🏼) process between Anna, a physician specializing in obstetrics  & gynaecology and two psychotherapists, myself and Anat. This process produced interdisciplinary knowledge in the many areas where our fields of practice interact, which the three of us assimilated into our respective practices 👇🏽.

Interdisciplinary Apprentenship Research

Illustration of my suggested methodology for academic research presented to my supervisors in 2012. This cyclic sequence of stages is parallel to my personal ‘methodology’ in my practice approach, which I use to conceptualize my patients' circumstances, conduct my decision-making process for intervention, and observe their outcome. 👇🏽

ReachingOut Methodology - ReachingOut Me
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