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Anat's Auto-Ethnography

Since this study is a reflective presentation of first-person data research, use of autoethnography is applied. Through understanding the personal history of the researcher, one could relate to the study more coherently and reflect upon the affinity between the interest of the study and methodology and the personality of the investigator.

The autoethnographic chapter will be presented in the full presentation and include the history of personal development, professional background and initial development in the academy and in practice, and the influence of my chosen professional route in life on my personality and my relationship with my family and wider social interactions.

Through a process of reflective introspection I conducted during the research, I understood the efficiency of an introspective process, but moreover the contribution of the colleague's reflection upon it and its' insights. Therefore, coming to the conclusion that an apprenticeship framework for professional knowledge evolvement is the most beneficial route of practical training. Anat

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